Perfect Landing was born of an urge to do travel and travel planning differently. We wanted to cultivate relationships, get to know each other, bring back that long-standing client that people want to be and we wanted to have. We wanted to show people better ways to see the world and better ways to travel.

The PLT Dream Team

Perfect Landing Travel co-founders, Heather Keller and Rita Fuja, have been friends for over 20 years. As Perfect Landing has expanded, they have carefully and thoughtfully expanded their team to be just as dynamic and specialized.


Founder and Luxury Travel Advisor

It’s important to me that we have a great relationship, and build travel plans over the years to weave your memories as you travel, into the fabric of a beautiful life.

While I have always loved travel, my past experience was in banking management, and in 2015 I went back to school to receive my Undergrad in Psychology. I dove head-first into the luxury travel industry shortly after and haven’t looked back, and find it essential to keep up to date on the latest and greatest and continuing education. My favorite aspect of trip planning is finding what you didn't know you'd love, and having you experience travel in a way that it becomes a part of you. When not travel planning for clients, I love traveling with my own family, the bigger the adventure the better, and I spend time giving back by volunteering with several nonprofit organizations.


Travel Operations & Logistics Specialist

My personal strengths I bring to your travel experience are extreme attention to detail, my travel planning expertise and knowledge, along with truly caring for our clients and their journey from start to finish. I focus on the operational aspects of your travel planning cycle – payments, travel documents, providing any information you need to know before you travel – as well as ensuring the final details of your trip are completed and any last minute tweaks taken care of prior to your departure. I’m your girl making sure all the “Is” are dotted and “Ts” crossed!


Many years ago my husband was offered a position to work in Europe – so we moved to Brussels, Belgium which is where the travel bug was first ignited in me! Since then, I’ve visited over 20 countries traveling as a couple, with groups of friends or with our 3 children who are now young adults. My family are very adventurous travelers and I’m always up for the excitement so long as they give me a beach vacation every once in a while! Jim and I are recent empty nesters and have filled our free time with even more travel than ever before. I believe travel is what will help keep us feeling young (ish) and interested in the world around us as well as interesting to each other!


Travel Advisor

“Life is short, and the world is wide” This quotation serves as my inspiration as I approach my clients’ travel plans. I am committed to designing unique experiences which capture the dreams of each traveler, seeking to fuel their passion for the people, places and cultures of the world.


Ranging from tropical destinations in the Caribbean to the dramatic vistas of the European Alps, I’ve had the privilege to design trips around the world. I have experience planning glamourous vacations lounging poolside at a posh resort to exhilarating days screaming through mountain landscapes on skis or below a zip-line. I am well-equipped to curate the perfect excursion for you and your loved ones.


Travel Advisor

I feel that travel is an investment in yourself to widen your perspective and world view; with so much to experience and see, I want to help you take advantage of the endless possibilities. I want my clients to become rich with moments and memories!


My goal is to build a trusting relationship with my clients so that each trip we can grow together. I offer my clients the gift of time by taking care of the “behind the scenes” of a trip to ensure seamlessness – using relationships I have in the industry to expand my own knowledgebase to create a memorable trip.  I value personalized itineraries and ensuring that I’ve thought of the client first and what best suits them. I am a lover of learning, I enjoy being active, and I value time spent with my husband and three children.


Travel Advisor

I believe that travel is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about embracing the journey itself. My mission is to craft unforgettable and personalized adventures that cater to your unique interests and desires. I understand that your time and resources are valuable, and that’s why I’m committed to crafting seamless itineraries tailored to your wishes.

With a youthful spirit and a passion for exploration, I’m here to turn your wanderlust dreams into unforgettable adventures. From the beaches of a tropical paradise to the vibrant streets of Barcelona, the destinations are limitless. You can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be taken care of from the first email to the weeks following your trip. Let’s turn your travel dreams into reality!


Luxury Travel Designer

My wish is that every American would travel as it is the best education we can provide ourselves. Whether it be to the depths of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest in Uganda or somewhere closer to home, the exposure to other ways of life enriches our understanding and fosters our acceptance.

I’ve spent my career in the luxury hotel industry and most recently retired after 13 years as Sales Director from Abercrombie & Kent, the world’s premier luxury travel company. As a travel designer, my goal is to curate the most perfect journey and craft unforgettable experiences at every turn. Because of exclusive worldwide relationships, I am able to unlock opportunities not always available to travelers. From touring Nairobi in the vehicle driven by Robert Redford in Out of Africa to a private ceremony at a small Buddhist temple just beyond Bangkok’s Grand Palace walls to witness the daily ritual of Thai monks chanting ancient Pali scripture, a moment that deeply resonates with your soul. Wherever you want to go, I look forward to collaborating with you on your next adventure!

Behind The Scenes


Executive Assistant


Office Manager



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