Departure Lounge Traveler Release Form

While Departure Lounge travel advisors encourage wanderlust and an adventurous spirit, we don’t endorse all destinations for all travelers. Please carefully research the pros, cons and risks for visiting any destination before finalizing your travel plans. Ultimately, Departure Lounge and our independent contractor travel advisor with Perfect Landing Travel are not responsible for your safety here or abroad. We focus our efforts on recommending best-in-class travel providers to you, but it is impossible to guarantee your safety. Please review U.S. State Department advisories and third-party news and recommendations as you decide which destinations you will visit on your travels. By signing this release statement, you acknowledge that you have thoroughly researched the possible risks of your chosen destination and you still want your travel advisor to make your travel arrangements to visit country or countries of choice. Furthermore, you will not hold Departure Lounge or your travel advisor liable or responsible for your well-being during your visit to the destination.