Yes, No, Maybe So?

After months of isolation, many of us are excited to begin exploring the world once more. We know that travel will be different in the post-pandemic world so we wanted to illustrate the important precautions that we are taking while planning post-COVID trips.

Extra research about the current status of the destination:

Are there restrictions or quarantine requirements for travelers arriving from other countries?

Nobu Los Cabos

If you are traveling domestically, is quarantine mandatory once you arrive at your destination?

Calistoga Ranch, Napa Valley

What has the hotel changed due to COVID-19?

How is the hotel staff ensuring the cleanliness and safety of their facilities?

  • What amenities have been removed or altered due to updated safety measures? How will your experience be affected by these changes? Restaurants, pools and spas opening, limited services, are all important to know as it determines the value of your stay, and the experience you will have.

What is the deposit amount?

  • Aim to secure a reservation that does not require a large financial commitment.
  • Lower deposits and postponed payments are preferable.

What is the cancellation or rescheduling policy?

  • Search for flexible cancellation or rescheduling policies so that if there is a disruption from either party, you have the flexibility to postpone.
  • Only use vetted, trusted vendors for all in-country operations (excursions, transfers, etc.).
    Now more than ever, there are cons and scams flooding the market. It will be very important to only use trusted, known vendors. We have always been and will continue to be, an advocate for that on behalf of our clients.

Compare flying private versus commercial.

  • The cost of commercial flights has risen dramatically as the number of available flights has dropped.
  • In some cases, the price of flying commercial first-class is comparable to flying privately.

It’s also important to take into consideration any job restrictions upon return back home. Make sure you check with employers on any leave requirements or policies regarding leaving the country.

Travel will definitely be different post-pandemic but please be assured that when you are ready to venture out, we will be there to help you safely navigate your journey!

Also, feel free to share our information with any friends or family who would appreciate assistance traveling in the post-pandemic world.