Travel Advisors 101

Keeping the Travel Dream Alive!

Even with travel on hold, it doesn’t mean you can’t start dreaming about a fun vacation in your future. Once the crisis is over, we can all get back out there and enjoy exploring the world again.

During these quarantined times, thinking ahead for your next trip can be inspiring. Spend a little time surfing the internet to learn more about destinations you’ve always wanted to visit. Are you the creative type? Have you tried creating a Pinterest board to gather your ideas? Here’s a good place to start: Travel Photography

If you already have a travel board, we’d love to see it. Please let us know how to find yours so we can share ideas.
If you already have travel plans, we encourage you to postpone, not cancel. Policies are changing every day to make it easier to rebook — in many cases, without penalty. For now, stay safe, eat healthy, rest and take care of yourself!