The Pivot to Private

Interested in Renting a Private Home, Villa, Yacht, Barge or Plane?

We reserve hundreds of private homes, villas, yachts, barges and planes for our clients each year, and they are in demand right now, especially for travel this year. From wide open spaces on ranches to sailing the Caribbean sea, the options are endless!

We have access to the best private homes, yachts, and villas globally, and we only reserve properties that are fully vetted and have outstanding cleaning protocols in place.

Why should you work with Perfect Landing Travel instead of booking your own property via Airbnb, VRBO or other websites? Many of those websites feature properties that are not fully vetted, and you risk falling prey to fraudulent activity.

Ready to look at domestic or international private home options? Based on your criteria, we’ll check all of our resources and present to you the options that fit your criteria and are available for your dates. Keep in mind that many of our luxury resort partners also offer private residences, so if you’d prefer the service and amenities of a resort, but the privacy and safety of a private home, these resort-situated residences may be the perfect option.

Our team at Perfect Landing also has outstanding, vetted resources for private yachts, barge charters, and private aviation. We’re happy to research and present options based on your specific needs and within your budget range.

It all in the details!