We all know the basic essentials every traveler carries in their carry-on to ensure the most comfortable time, from a neck pillow to doze off during the flight to earbuds so you can drown out the plane noise. The carry on is one of the most important parts of traveling and we’re here to make sure you don’t forget something that could be a lifesaver later on. Here are some of our favorite carry-on necessities that you can include on your next travel adventures. 

  1. Portable Chargers and Charging Cords

One of the most annoying travel struggles is having your source of entertainment die mid-flight. When your phone dies, it can cause a series of frustrations that can be easily avoided. There are a limited number of airlines that provide USB slots for charging, so making sure you have a portable charger can be a huge lifesaver. This is one of our favorites:  Click here for one of our favorites!


2. Anti-Bacterial Wipes. 

Even before Covid hit, planes have a reputation of not being the cleanest place on earth. Disinfectant wipes can be used for an arrangement of things, wiping down the chairs and table or using them to clean your hands after eating. Avoid the hazards of catching a cold from the plane and bring some alcohol wipes to kill bacteria head on. For extra protection, you could also pack immunity vitamins to ensure a healthy journey. We love these anti-bacterial wipes, click here!  


3. Sunscreen

If you’re hopping off a flight in a sunny place, you’re going to want some readily available protection. Having sunscreen will always come in handy, especially if you are seated next to the window. By bringing your favorite sunscreen, you will be ready for any climate and protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. This is the best sunscreen, click here!


4. Moisturizer/ Hand Cream

If we had to describe a plane in one word it would be DRY. It’s important to keep your skin dewey so you step off your flight looking fresh and clean. There are so many different kinds to keep you looking good, from a brightening serum to a lifting moisturiser.  Almost every brand carries their products in a travel size, so there’s no excuse for your skin to get parched on the plane. Click here! This hand cream is great for pre, during, and post travel!

5. Notebook

A great way to spend your time on a flight is journaling about your travels. You can write anything in a notebook including your bucket list, previous travel adventures, and new memories you’re making. Keeping a journal can be a great keepsake to look back on and remember all the fabulous times you had going abroad. A notebook is small enough to slip into your travel bag, so you can document every moment.  Click here to start journaling and doodling today!  

6. Dry Shampoo

With the chaos of traveling, you can tend to forget about the little things including your hair. By keeping dry shampoo in your carry-on, you can avoid the annoyance of greasy hair and come out looking fresher than ever. If you love to sleep on the plane, carrying dry shampoo will help you get the kinks out of your hair in no time. Click here for this PLT advisor favorite!


When traveling you want to make sure you have the little items that will keep you comfortable and moving all day long. This list is just some of the items we like to keep in our carry-on so we have the best travel experience. When packing your carry-on we hope this list helps wherever your travels may lead you!