PLT’s Summer Travel Tips

The summer is the perfect time for a getaway to relax and experience a trip like no other! There are plenty of opportunities to plan your dream trip, but you might want to consider some things before you’re packing your bags. The ultimate goal is to get you to your ideal destination without any hassle, so here are a few of our favorite tips for traveling in the summer!

Be Flexible With Flight Plans

Although there will be plenty of cheap summer fares this summer, they are booking up fast! To ensure your perfect summer vacation, we recommend being flexible with the flights and dates of your trip. The top advisors recommend using Google Flights, which lets you search by country, or even by continent, and consider a whole month of options rather than those limited to specific dates. If you keep your eyes lasered focused on a destination and time this could lead to major disappointment. By keeping your options open, you could skip the frustration and replace it with a trip of a lifetime. 

Where To Go In Europe?

Summer 2021 could be the perfect opportunity to take the trip to Europe you have been dreaming of for so long. There are certain places in Europe that provide amazing accommodations this summer. One of the top places to visit would be the Mediteranian, because there will be less cruise traffic. Places like Croatia, Dubrovnik, for instance, or even Greece, would be great for a summer getaway. There are many ways to get out of the country this summer, even if they are not very conventional. 

Skip the beach

Most people look to the beach for a sunny getaway and choose beachy destinations like Gulfport, Miami or Cancún. You might want to plan your vacation in destinations not considered a hot spot. For both general health and affordability reasons, we recommend seeking off-the-beaten path destinations, smaller cities and towns, like touring the Texas Hill Country’s wineries, exploring Savannah, Georgia or bicycling on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Prepare for changes 

The airport is the last place you want to find out about a change in the testing, quarantine or vaccination requirements for your destination. Travelers can take steps to stay on top of the situation. Google Travel offers information about travel restrictions with its search results and gives users the option to receive an email if this guidance changes. With all the borders opening up, our main priority is to keep all travelers safe and happy within these unusual times.