Packing Tips for Europe

The shoulder seasons of spring and fall are great times to go to Europe. The weather is comfortable and the crowds are greatly diminished. We loved our recent trip to Italy in April for these very reasons. But packing can be a little tough when the weather goes from mild during the day to cool in the evenings with chances of rain mixed in. We thought we’d share some info about what we packed and general packing tips for this time of year:



1. Scarves are your friend! They help keep you warm when temperatures turn cool in the evening, they can give you a pop of color in photos, and they can make you look like you’re wearing a whole new outfit even if you’re repeating some items. Heather brought multiple scarves and rocked this travel tip! Rita brought one scarf and looked like she was wearing the same outfit multiple days. Don’t be like Rita. Lol!

2. Bring an umbrella and a rain jacket. We had beautiful weather some days and rain on others. An umbrella in a fun color can add some interest to your photos on those rainy days.

3. Check the weather forecast in the days leading up to your trip. Sure, things can change but you’ll have a general idea of the temps and conditions while you’re there and can pack accordingly.

4. Plan your outfits, don’t just pack pieces. Taking photos of your outfits before packing is also super helpful. It might seem excessive but it can really help you stay organized as you pack and, while on your trip, you can refer back to the photos to jog your memory about what you were planning to wear with what.

5. When planning outfits make sure bottoms, jackets and shoes can do double duty – be worn for at least two outfits.

6. One or two cardigans in neutral colors, a neutral military jacket and a denim jacket are great options for adding layers when temperatures vary greatly during the day/evening. A lightweight down vest is also a great option that’s easy to pack – I wish I had thought to bring this.

7. Get some packing cubes. They will change your life!

8. Keep copies of your passport and travel documents somewhere at home that will be accessible to someone to send to you in case of an emergency.